Milestone Sessions

I love, love, love taking milestone photos! When taking photos of milestones it's always a great time to reflect on the last few months that have flown by. How much they have grown, how quickly the go from being a cute little squishy that has to be held to a little ball of energy that can't wait to run around and explore. 

As most of you know babies don't develop at the same rate. Even though I go by months it is just a lose time frame to capture the bigger milestones. Here is a guide that will be helpful when it comes time schedule those milestone shoots.

3 months

When baby has ample head control, does mini push ups, and is ok with tummy time (some babies never are and thats ok my youngest wasn't).  This is also the time where babies also learn to smile  and a little more expressive with their faces.

6 months

Around this age babies learn to sit up by themselves once they can sit unassisted it's time to schedule this appointment. Some also start crawling around this age too, so it will be a fun time catching their first little adventures! Peek a boo is another thing that babies love at this age and makes for another great photo opportunity.

9 Months

Exploring really starts at this age! Blocks and boxes are favorite at this age. Some babies have learned to cruise around furniture. Babies are supper smiley at this age! All great things to capture before their big birthday!

12 months

The first birthday is a huge milestone! Some babies have started walking and exploring even more! Some things I love to capture at this age is reading, cruising or walking. Also a lovey becomes a big part of the live and having a photo of them with it is pricesless.